Prairie Manual Therapy


The clinic address is 98 Sherbrook St, suite 200 but the entrance is located on the side of the building on Westminster Ave. There is a parking lot available to patients of Prairie Manual Therapy behind the building. If you park in the lot, please write down your license plate on the whiteboard located in the entrance.


Please arrive to your first appointment a few minutes early to fill out an intake form. Your therapist will leave the form for you in the waiting room on the coffee table. If the door to the waiting room is locked when you arrive, please wait a few minutes and someone will let you in as soon as they can.

What should I bring?


Please bring comfortable clothing (i.e. comfy shorts or yoga pants & t-shirt),

any MRI, X-ray or other relevant medical reports,
any notes from referring caregivers (MD, Physio, Chiro, AT, OT, RMT, etc.).