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Prairie Manual Therapy




Osteopathy is a manual therapy. Integral to osteopathic treatment is the philosophy that the body is whole, thus every system within functions in an inter-related and unified fashion. A second guiding concept is that the body has the ability to heal itself when its fluids and nerve conduction are unobstructed. 


The objective of osteopathy is to restore mobility to each system, supporting the client’s inherent ability to heal themselves. An osteopathic manual therapist achieves this through precise palpation and gentle manipulation. The therapist looks to treat the cause of the dysfunction and not the symptom.


For more information, please visit the Manitoba Association of Osteopathic Manual Therapists at


Offered by Gisèle and Akosua.

Massage Therapy


Massage therapy aims to treat dysfunctions of the soft tissue such as muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia. The goal is to increase mobility of the tissue and joints as well as to improve blood flow and lymphatic circulation to the area of dysfunction. This in turn, aids to create conditions that encourages your body to return to normal health. Our therapists have extensive knowledge in anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology which help them to determine the appropriate approach to treatment for each individual. Our therapists have also furthered their studies in cranio-sacral therapy, visceral manipulation and joint mobilization. These techniques may be incorporated in a massage therapy treatment depending on the therapist’s findings. 


The first appointment involves a thorough health history consultation and assessment. Each patient’s unique needs are considered during this time to allow your therapist to develop a specific treatment plan. 

Offered by Tara, Leah, and Gisèle.

Athletic Therapy

Athletic therapists (ATs) are trained in the prevention, assessment, and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injury and pain. Athletic therapists work in field and clinical settings, caring for both acute and chronic injuries. On the field, ATs provide emergency first aid, supportive taping, and injury management. In the clinic, ATs assess posture, mobility, strength, and balance, and treat using manual techniques and exercises to address any deficits.

Do I need to be “athletic” to see an athletic therapist? 


Athletic therapy is for everybody, because every body has muscles, bones, and joints, that sometimes just need a little TLC and intentional movement.

Offered by Akosua.


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