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Prairie Manual Therapy


Gisèle Carrière, RMT, DipScO, DipOMP

Gisèle graduated from the Wellington College of Remedial Massage Therapy in 2002 and has had an active massage therapy practice since. In 2003 she specialized in pre and post-natal massage and became a Doula (birth assistant). During this time she has had the privilege of assisting in numerous births. 


Over the years her passion for manual therapy grew which drove her to take her skills to a new level. In 2021, Gisèle graduated from the Canadian College of Osteopathy. Her goal is to start incorporating her new found knowledge in osteopathy to her already established massage therapy practice. She is dedicated in evolving as a practitioner and in helping her patients find health.




Akosua Knowles, DipOMP, DipScO, CAT(C)

Akosua is an osteopathic manual therapist and athletic therapist. Her skills and interests lie in combining manual therapy and functional exercise to help her clients of all ages and abilities move through life with freedom and ease.

Akos certified as an athletic therapist in 2014, shortly after completing a degree in kinesiology at the University of Winnipeg. During her later years of university, she discovered the osteopathic profession and felt immediately drawn to its holistic philosophy. Following her degree, Akos enrolled at the Canadian College of Osteopathy, completing the 5-year diploma and research requirement in 2021. She was awarded the W.G. Sutherland prize for her thesis titled, “The Effects of Global Osteopathic Treatment for Postpartum Women: A Study Design.” 

Tara Beckta, RMT

Tara graduated from Wellington College of Remedial Massage Therapies in 1997. This is where her passion for studying the human body began. In 1999 she specialized in pre and post natal massage and had the honour of supporting many families through their birthing journey. Tara continues her passion for understanding the human body in yoga teachings and various manual therapies. These include 2 years of osteopathic studies at the Canadian College of Osteopathy, visceral manipulation with the Barral Institute, craniosacral therapy with the Upledger Institute, and yoga therapy with Functional Synergy.

Tara’s treatments are a whole body approach because health and healing are achieved when there is balance in the mind, body and spirit.

Carson Hill 

Carson specializes in and is passionate about helping people get unstuck both emotionally and physically, and has been exploring and studying mind-body therapies for the last 14 years. He has been a registered Jin Shin Do® Bodymind Acupressure therapist since 2008. This technique combines the fundamentals of Chinese acupuncture theory with psychotherapeutic and hypnotherapeutic techniques. By applying finger pressure to potent points along energy lines that run throughout the body, and guiding the recipient to into an awareness of tension patterns in the body, this technique is deeply relaxing and helps relieve both physical tension and emotional stress.

Since 2011, he been studying and practicing two energy psychology techniques: EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping) and Matrix Reimprinting (an advanced form of EFT), and often combines these techniques with acupressure in sessions. Both of these techniques can help people suffering from such things as loss or grief, anxiety, stress, fear or phobias, depression, troubling and persistent thoughts or memories, physical pain, and trauma or PTSD.

Additionally, Carson is an acupuncture for addictions specialist and offers individual and group treatments.

Currently Carson is doing a Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology at Yorkville University to deepen his understanding of psychological issues and to better help his clients.

For more information about Carson’s offerings, please visit




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